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Belvedere Officer Loses Everything in Fires


The residents of the North Bay have watched as their communities went up in flames in the last couple of weeks. On October 8th, around 11pm, a well known Belvedere Police Officer, Officer Charles Wayshack, was awoken by a phone call from a neighbor. “Get out, get out, get out!”. He looked out his window and saw flames burning through his yard. He grabbed what he could and go thim and his son out as fast as possible. As he drove away from the flames, he came across a tree that completely blocked the road. Knowing that he couldn’t turn back around, he drove over the tree. Part of the tree was embedded into his shattered windshield and had to use a fire extinguisher on his truck after it caught fire. Luckily, he and his son escaped the fire safely but unfortunately, his house burned to the ground along with all of his belongings. 

Officer Charles Wayshack is a friendly law enforcement face of the Belvedere community, a local baseball coach, and a great neighbor and dad. He has been dedicated to serving his community for 25 years. This story goes to show that tragic events can happen to anyone, at any time. While much of Northern California is dealing with large wildfires, this is a great reminder to always be prepared and ready for an emergency. It is also a great reminder that one phone call can make all of the difference. Thank you to the Belvedere community for coming together during hard times.

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Member Loses His Home in North Bay Fire

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